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Great New Orleans Wedding Venues recommended by New Orleans Photographer Scott Myers

Some of the best, most unique and charming wedding venues in the city of New Orleans.


Great New Orleans Wedding Venues:

These are a few New Orleans wedding venues that I thought folks in the process of planning a wedding might want to consider.  There are so many great places to throw a party in this city; this just represents a small selection of venues I love shooting at, that I thought people might not otherwise know about. 

Cafe Amelie 

One of the most beautiful courtyards in New Orleans, Cafe Amelie is named after Amelie Miltonberger, the mother of Princess Alice, the first American Princess of Monaco, who lived in an accompanying townhouse in the mid-1800s.   You can't beat the ambience for an outdoor wedding venue in New Orleans.  Check them out here.

Broussard-Hermann-Grima House

With adjoining courtyards, Broussard's and the Hermann-Grima House make an outstanding pair of venues for an outdoor New Orleans wedding in the French Quarter.    You haven't lived until you've had the food at Broussard's, and their Ramos Gin Fizz is famous.  The Hermann-Grima house was built in 1831, and recently restored as an example of a typical building of the time.   Broussard's can be easily tented in case of rain, as you see below.   See their site here.

Southern Oaks

Southern Oaks, right off the banks of Lake Ponchartrain, is a great venue for those that want to keep their ceremony and reception in one place, and provides plenty of parking and easy logistics for guests.   Still plenty of southern charm to be had, including mossy oaks and a beautiful garden.  Check them out here.

Hotel Mazarin