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Alaska 2016

A few photos from my recent trip to Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.  Did a lot of fishing, including some kayak fishing out of the kayak for halibut and pink salmon, which was really cool and far different from our typical Louisiana fishing.  I had a chance to work a bit with the Fujifilm X-Pro 2, which I picked up right before the trip, along with a 10-24mm f4 lens.  After using my X-Pro 1 for a LOT of travel and fishing photography (lets be honest, I beat the living hell out of that camera), it was fun to check out some of the upgrades in the X-Pro 2.  They did a lot of stuff right!  I still wish they would put a lock on the exposure compensation dial; ever since I started using the Fujifilm cameras that has been my number one complaint, as it gets moved constantly and you have to stay vigilant or risk exposure problems.  All in all, it was a great trip that lasted 19 days, only one night of which was spent in hotel, while the rest were a combination of camping, cabins, friends houses, a van, and a commercial fishing boat...