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Natural Patterns Vol 1 - Rainforest Canopies, Changing Perspective

Flipped Leaves Experiment.jpg

Changing Up Your Perspective

Shooting in a dense, busy environment like the rainforest in Costa Rica can be a challenge.  There is just so much going on, and such a monolithic color scheme that it can be a challenge to find compositions.  I remember feeling a little overwhelmed and even frustrated on this trip, as I tried to find ways to convey the mystery and beauty of such an amazing place.  One thing I've always enjoyed doing is looking straight up when I'm in a forest, and it was there that I found some interesting opportunities.  The backlit tree canopies made amazing patterns and shapes, and I knew that I had found my patterns at last.  I set them aside for some time, and just recently revisited the images, turning each into a very high-contrast black and white pattern.  After some time looking at them, it occurred to me that I might be able to extend the patterns I had found.   By duplicating and flipping the images a few times, I was able to create some pretty interesting images with a lot of detail.  They were shot with a Nikon D800, so they have a huge amount of resolution and potential to be printed quite large.  In the gallery below, you can find the original image on the left, then the Photoshop manipulation on the right.  The images will pop out into a lightbox when clicked, please check them out that way!  

PRINTS of these images are available here: LINK