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Multiple Exposure Experimentation with the Fujifilm X-Pro 2

Multiple Exposures

I've enjoyed this technique for a while, although I was reminded to work with it again while reading a bit about my latest camera body, the Fujifilm X-Pro 2.  I've used multiple exposure techniques in the past with Nikon digital bodies, but not with the Fujifilm system.  The major difference and a very attractive feature, is that the X-Pro 2 allows you to view an overlay of the first image you've taken as you line up the second image, allowing for much more precise compositions.  In the past, you had to do your best to keep a mental image of how you had laid out the frame, and experiment until you got the result you wanted.  The limiting factor of the Fujifilm approach is that it is limited to two exposures, although I think the trade off is more than worthwhile.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the images are stored as .JPEG files rather than raw files, so if you're not habitually great about making sure your white balance and exposure are set correctly, and you haven't set your JPEG settings up because you always shoot raw, you might be disappointed at what you get at first.  Don't ask me how I know.   These were all taken in a short period while I was also experimenting with some of the video functions of the camera.  I've always really enjoyed images that are pleasing on one level as a composition, but force you to spend a few seconds parsing them to figure out what you're really looking at.  One or two of these might make it into a collection of those that I am slowly putting together.