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A Family Affair - Aaron and Daniella's Big Bash

I was extremely pleased when Aaron and Daniella asked me to photograph their wedding.  We've been good friends for years now, and it's always an honor for me to photograph important events for my friends.  I also knew that they would have a total throwdown of a wedding, and I was right about that.  For this one, I'd be doing double duty; photographing the wedding, then playing guitar with my group Chegadão at the reception.  It was a long day, but totally worth it.  These two souls are a lot of fun, and this was an epic cultural showcase of a wedding, with Jewish traditions, Brazilian food, Brazilian music and martial arts, a New Orleans second-line parade and a fantastic flamenco performance by Daniella.

Upon arriving at the synagogue, I spent a few minutes capturing some candids of Daniella and her friends making their last minute preparations.  

The Ketubah signing is a solemn and sweet ceremony, witnessed by just a few close friends and family.  The document was beautifully rendered by our dear friend and artist, Sarah Dearie.

Aaron and Daniella are passionate music lovers, and I knew that the wedding would be full of music.  Aaron entered the synagogue with an ensemble of our friends playing a beautiful Brazilian samba, and Daniella was brought in by the Panorama Jazz Band, playing traditional Jewish music.   After a short, but solemn and moving ceremony, the band struck up again, and we danced right into the other room for dancing and food.

Besides music, these two love to bust a move.  Right off the bat, Panorama whipped everyone into a happy frenzy with some traditional Jewish songs, and the newlyweds were hoisted up in chairs.  Aaron's face was pretty priceless; pretty sure that wasn't exactly what he had in mind!!

After a little bit of time to catch our breath and eat some delicious Brazilian food, we were treated to some of the most moving toasts I can recall hearing at a wedding.  Nary a dry eye was left in the room, particularly after Daniella's dad's best friend toasted them and said he could practically hear her father's voice and affirmation of the union.  After the toasts and some more dancing, it was time to parade!

From the synagogue, we paraded down St. Charles Avenue to the Dance Quarter, where the after party would be held.   It was a pretty epic first parade for my son Rafael, who managed to sleep right through it in his stroller.

Once we arrived at the Dance Quarter, my work as a photographer was pretty much over, and I picked up the guitar and spent most of the rest of the night playing.  I did take a few shots while the capoeira and flamenco moments were happening!   Congratulations again you crazy kids!!!