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Kind of Blue - Real Wedding - Crystal and Cuong

Wedding party at New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, Photographed by Scott Myers

Now this group right here!  We had a blast.  I really love shooting smaller, intimate weddings, where I can get a chance to really get to know most or all of the people there, both the wedding party and guests.  This lovely couple made me laugh constantly, reminding me a lot of my high school friends from Fairfax, VA, not far from their Maryland home.  There was plenty of inappropriate behavior and jokes throughout the day, along with a definite and genuine sense of love and affection from both the bride and groom and their friends and family.  I used a photo of the whole bridal party first, because this really was a celebration for everyone, not just the bride and groom.   I was also really excited when I found out that Crystal was eschewing the usual white wedding dress in favor of something far more exciting, in this case a sweet blue dress and matching hair!


I started off at Hotel Royal with the ladies, while Ryan went to hang with the guys and catch some photos of them walking over to meet us. 

After some nice candids of them getting ready, Crystal was all ready, and we got some great portraits done with her.

Meanwhile, Cuong and the guys were headed over with Ryan, and when they made it up to the hotel, we blindfolded him and set them up for a first look.

Once they got over their giggles from seeing each other for the first time, we did a few nice portraits on the balcony, then walked over to the Pharmacy Museum, grabbing a few shots on the way.

The ceremony at the Pharmacy Museum was short but sweet, and officiated by a good friend of the bride and groom's, and with some fine live music, the couple had a dance that somehow morphed into a group hug.

At that point it was time to strike up the band, and head over to Cafe Sbisa for dinner.  As usual, the Kinfolk Brass Band did a bang up job of getting everybody involved, singing and moving.

Once at Cafe Sbisa, everyone caught their breath for a little while and caught up, while some daggone good food was passed around.   Shortly thereafter, there were some fine toasts given, and we even made a short excursion to Cafe Dumonde for some beignets.  

The little side trip to Cafe Dumonde was a fantastic idea that the bride and groom came up with - great job guys!

I'm really happy that I was chosen to be a part of this wedding, thank you Crystal and Cuong!  Come down and visit sometime soon.