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Agave Week/Top Taco for El Tesoro Tequila

This past week found me working on an event for El Tesoro tequila, as part of the Agave Week and Top Taco events here in New Orleans.  The format was familiar to me, since I have photographed quite a bit of this kind of thing during the Tales of the Cocktail events here in the city. I really enjoy working these kind of events, because each time, I get to learn a little bit about a specific type of liquor, or drink, and it is a challenge to quickly set up and light some of these bottles and cocktails.  El Tesoro has a great concept going with these events, where they basically bring in a spice bar, and let people grab whatever flavors they think will be interesting, grind them up, and create their own salt rim for the cocktails that the bartenders are making.  Guests can then take home the extra in a small mason jar.  It's a great hands-on way to get people interested and involved, and I guarantee people go home talking about it, and remember the El Tesoro name.  They have also recently redesigned their bottles and branding, so I took some time setting up a few shots to showcase the new bottles.   Looking forward to Tales of the Cocktail this year!!